Apex Legends News: Accounts Getting Reset + Unreleased Dev Stream & Titans Debunked

Apex Legends News: Accounts Getting Reset + Unreleased Dev Stream & Titans Debunked
This new apex legends video covers the accounts that are getting reset and all there progression lost, aswell as a new unreleased dev stream found on the official apex legends channel, game director chad grenier debunked titans coming to the game explaining how they dont fit the gameplay, apex legends news, apex legends accounts reset news, apex legends unreleased dev stream, apex legends account reset
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    I comment on your video last week about the people receiving 15 000 apex coins and the hairloom shards…
    Since season 6 crossplay update i cant play apex i still suport and buy stuf on game although out of 15 searches i might load into one game so its super hard completing events and battlepass
    This video is allso about bugs and so on but since season 6 there is stil no help or receiving coins or shards like this smaller bugs people think is so big …

  2. I'm still waiting on them to fix their shitty servers but hey EA keep on pushing Respawn for more LTM's and More Skins to get more money. It won't last forever like they think

  3. @Watergothim please let me know when it is fixed because I lost a lot of good stuff and I have wasted a lot of money. I don't wanna lose my account :(

  4. Bro this just happened to me and its saying im d4 instead of d1 so like what happens to my rank now?

  5. They have fixed this if you get an error message when you are trying to log on that means they are fixing ur account

  6. Apex is an abandoned game the devs are useless they can't fix the hacker problem and the ddos problem, also the servers are trash most of the time, the game is dying.

  7. Yea, I had the lvl glitch but now it's fixed. I was hoping respawn could give out apex coins or even heirloom to the ppl that lost their acc but no

  8. Is anyone bloodhound skin glitched out where the gold is black instead of being its original colour

  9. Can you tell them something for me please I can’t get back into my account I lost everything on it and can’t get it back please helpb

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