Bergepanzer III Recovery Vehicle [1:72]

Don’t eat the Bergepanzer. It is not a delicious burger. it’s made of steel and wood and other not so delicious materials. The Bergepanzer III German armoured …


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  1. Don’t feel bad Herbert, I’m old and crappy too. I alway enjoy your videos because of your great sense of humor. Nice to see a 1/72 scale model. Only the tracks look a bit too basic for my taste.

  2. Unusual variant. Good to have that as a kit. Because ALL Panzer III kits are very good. They are very good because Panzer III is very good. If you don't agree just look at the guy riding the very good Panzer III on the cover art. He is having fun obviously… because he is allowed to ride a very good Panzer III. Very good…

  3. Great video, I was watching you building this on the Twitch stream, I love the part at 4:34, lol, let his brain heal!

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