Best iPhone 12 Camera Settings for Photo & Video.

Best iPhone camera settings for photography – best iPhone 12 settings for photo and video. My settings for frame rate, resolution and some key iPhone 12 camera tips and tricks for photography and iPhone 12 Pro Max photography tips and iPhone 12 Pro camera settings.

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  1. ok but can we talk about how annoying this camera is… literally every time i take a pic it just automatically auto sharpens it and it looks so terrible

  2. I’m using iPhone 12 and not able to take clear pictures and always missing clarity when the zoom is in 5x , can any one help

  3. HOW I HAVE HDR ON IPHONE 12 /NORMAL/ sorry for the caps I just saw it but I don't want to type everything again

  4. Wow can't express my feelings after a friend referred me to larry_hackz he got my iPhone back working well his genue and legit

  5. Thank you.Great Stuff. Nice UK Countryside too. I wish I could turn off Live Photo permanently, or at least as default. It still appears when I fired up my 12pro. I don't like it! Any ideas?

  6. Helpful information i never knew these secret tips and tricks were hidden in my iphone 12

  7. Hi, I have just noticed that when I look at some picture I did and I tap on “modify”, the picture get more bright when I am into the modify menù. This only happens with taken pictures, so not with screenshots or received photos. Do you know why is that?
    I have an iPhone 12.

  8. What would be the best settings for camera (video) for uploading to instagram?? every time i upload videos on Ig the quality decreases

  9. When I make a video with my iPhone 12 pro max and review it . It seems very grainy and very not HD. It’s on 4K and it looks 720p

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