CONFIG 1.3 IPHONE XR ‼️ Config pubg terbaru – android rasa iPhone No reset no frame drop Pubg mobile

Hello friends, welcome to the latest Banut Official Config Channel, this time config the iPhone XR special anti-research Smooth extreme to boost cellphone performance to make it more smooth and smooth playing pubg (low device – mid device) ~ It is recommended to use a headset / earphones Don’t skip the video Yes, Enjoy watching ^ _ ^ ___________________________ • Headset: Plextone G30 ___________________________ • Device: Realme 6 Pro ___________________________ • 5 Finger Gyro Always On ___________________________ • Recorder: Realme 6 Pro Bottom Screen Recorder Resolution: 1080p + 16 Mbps Bit Rate ___________________________ • Graphics: Smooth-extreme ___________________________ • Editor: Kinemaster Export Resolution: FHD 1080p + Rate 60 + Bit 16.00Mbps ___________________________ • Latest sensitivity: ___________________________ • Subscribe yes ^ _ ^: ___________________________ • donate to buy youtube tools (as sincerely 😇) ____________________________ • IG: @ Banut_Official Who is deadly asked “more l suggest, please contact me on IG ___________________________ it is recommended to watch at 480p-720p so that the password is not too blurry (sorry & understanding for the quality of my video due to limited equipment ❤️) • Config link: 👇 (Config special the best performance 🔥) “Password in video “_____________________________ • NO PASSWORD👇 _____________________________ • HOW TO INSTALL ANDROID CONFIG 11 and above _____________________________ • HOW TO INSTALL ANDROID CONFIG 10 Bring UserCustom / Enjoy ______________________________ BEST CONFIG PUBG MOBILE 1.3 SMOOTH EVERYTHING STAYING IN CHOOSE APK Config Tool: ____________________________ ApK Zarchiver: ____________________________ QuickEdit Apk: ____________________________ Safe Config No Banned No ROOT Anti reset Anti banned Support all Device Support ALL PUBG VERSION: PUBG MOBILE GLOBAL PUBG MOBILE CHINA PUBG MOBILE KOREA DLL Help this channel to grow, guys. . LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIB E 🙏 Best sensitivity realm Pubg mobile india Pubg mobile Indonesia Pubg mobile chinese Latest config New pubg config Latest pubg config 2021 Pubg config 2021 newest pubg config 1.3 Pubg mobile config 1.3 Newest config 2021 Pubg config no recoil Config pubg less recoil newest Config pubg Smooth extreme Config pubg no recoil 1.3 Config pubg lite newest Config pubg 90 fps newest Config pubg 90 fps 1.3 Config Smooth 90 fps newest Config pubg no lag Config pubg 1.3 no lag Config pubg new config pubg config HP potato config newest pubg config pubg latest mobile config pubg pubg new config pubg mobile config pubg new config pubg new config no lag pubg config pubg ram 3gb config pubg newest 90fps config pubg 90fps #PUBGMOBILE #BANUT #CONFIGPUBGTERBARU #CONFIGPUBGANTIFRAMEDROP #NEWCONFIGPUBG #CONFBAR #NEWCONFIGPUBG #CONFBAR


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  1. Org yg cmn bisa media fire pas pke link yg no pw bilek : "anjir ap ini udh link semawur,link onsafe, link genie dhlh cri pw aj aku"

  2. Se Smoth apapun config nya kalo device Lo belum suport frame rate tinggi gabakal Smoth jg broh.

  3. Bang aku kan udah punya config, la terus kalo mau ganti config perlu di hapus confignya

  4. mau tanya bang ,,,confignya work bang tapi kok sensitivitasnya berubah ya bang
    tapi work banget di hp ss a20s biasanya main ngeframe sekarang lancar banget smooth
    tapi sensitivitasnya itu ikut berubah
    apa harus dirubah lagi atau nggak bang

  5. Bang hp gua android 8 oppo a3s tidak bisa pasang config menggunakan config tool Dan juga aplikasi lain

  6. Bang plis, req bikinin vidio cara deteksi musuh dari suara stepnya, aku bingung banget

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