CONFIG THE NEWEST PUBG IPHONE XR ❗UNLOCK HDR EXTREME – ULTRA HD! ANTI RESET FILE ENJOY | PUBG MOBILE #configpubgmobile #configpubg #pubgmobile Config newest pubg mc diamond ___________________________________ ⚠️HATTY️ BEFORE DOWNLOADING THE CONFIGN, PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE THIS TO END SO THAT YOU ARE ENJOYED IF YOU’RE ALSO LIKE VIDEO subscribe to this channel and like this video guys Subscribe: Instagram: Telegram: ___________________________________ 4 fingers claw Gyroscope always on Device: Realme 5 pro Recorder: ADV Screen recorder Edit: Kinemaster Thumbnail: Pixellab, picsay pro, Graphic eraser: Smooth – extreme Headset : Plextone g 15 ___________________________________ BEFORE READ CUY FIRST 👇 Q: What device are you using? A: Realme 5 pro Q: Edit & record the screen with what apk? A: Kinemaster & Screen recorder realme Q: Config is safe or not? A: 100% safe does not contain cheats Q: Does the configuration support all devices? A: God willing, support for all devices Q: Can you please? A: May my pubg ID👇 PUBGM ID: 5417802709 ___________________________________ Config download link: 🔓NO PASSWORD: “How to download ‘🔒 PASSWORD IN VIDEO: ___________________________________ Watch my other videos How to solve lag and improve performance How to remove Solo squad bootcamp config ____________________________________ Thanks for watching Tags: config pubg terbaru, config pubg 90 fps, config pubg iphone, config pubg, gfx tool pubg, how to fix pubg lag, how to fix pubg frame drop, hp potato pubg, pubg smooth extreme, unlock smooth extreme pubg, unlock 90 fps pubg, how to deal with a broken pubg, how to get 90 fps pubg mobile, lock 90 fps pubg, pubg tutorial, pubg mobile launcher, pubg mobile indonesia, application for pubg mobile, how to deal with hp lag, cell phone settings for pubg, the latest pubg mobile , gfx tool 90 fps pubg, how to play pubg mobile, config smooth extreme pubg, config pubg stable, pubg no lag, pubg no frame drop, config pubg no grass, config pubg view ipad, config pubg view iphone 8 plus, config pubg no banned, config pubg safe, potato cell phone flavored iphone, config pubg ultra hd, view iphone 8+ pubg, config no frame drop, overcoming pubg lag on android , gfx anti lag tool, android settings for pubg mobile, latest pubg config 2021, config pubg 2021, config iphone 11 pro max, config iphone 8+, config iphone 12 pro max, config iphone xr, config iphone xs max, config rog phone 3, config blackshark 3, config suitable for realme 5 pro, realme 5 pro, realme 5 pro pubg, realme 5 pro pubg mobile, realme 5 pro pubg scrim, realme 5 pro pubg tournament, config scrim pubg, config tournament pubg, config mcdiamond, config pubg mc diamond, config pubg 1.3.0, config pubg 1.3, config pubg v1.3, config pubg season 18, config, config pubg 1.3 season 18 pubg mobile.


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  1. Gw work bang nyampe extreme cuman gak ke buka HDR nya padahal kita sama 30 fps juga kenapa ya bang ?

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