FRP Explains: Domestic Violence – What’s the solution?

A recently published study has made some shocking revelations. How to control your woman” and “how to hit a woman so no one knows” were each googled … .


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  1. Mr Frank all the mechanisms you mentioned were already there, What is still needs to be done?

  2. We are living in 21st century, a globalised world, using top brands, 5G era, talking about saving animals and nature …least but not the last, still these types of evil (domestic violence, foeticide etc )survive in our society .
    Big questions mark on so called civilised world.

  3. My neighbor quarrels with his wife every night with very degrading and vulgar words. Since its very quite at night I could hear it very well. Think he's getting drunk and that's making him do this. I could hear him shouting abuses at late night but have never heard the women shouting. Since its their personal matter which is happening inside their house, I couldn't do anything. In such a situation what am I supposed to do? If I complain to police regarding this, matter could become worse. In that case what can a good Bharathia do? Any feasible solution to save that women from her husband is applaudable.

  4. I can't even kill a mosquito many times, I don't know how some people can even think of killing or even beat a woman, that too whom u know personally….

  5. Sirji, agar women apne husband ko peete to wo bhi domestic violence maana jaega ki mazaaq ki baat?

  6. Sir, Bharata First has received, as of now 752 views, 148 likes, and most importantly 0 dislikes. I think this is the most incredible thing that has happened. This is what is needed to keep the channel alive. lots of love and wishes:)
    thanks, sir

  7. Frank, I have studied the violence against women very closely from a societal level as well as from a law enforcement level. Our law enforcement isn’t any close to being sensitized about these crimes, especially on how much it takes for a victim or a victim’s family to report the incident. Secondly, underreporting is often for the reasons that the perpetrator is a family member and any reporting against a family member is seen as a social taboo. These two aspects enable the perpetrator to go on a cycle of abuse and violence. I feel first step is to sensitize police. I have had one officer(a civil servant) ask me “why were you not resisting or were you actually enjoying”, when I tried to explain how I feel as an adult about abuse I went through as a child below 10 yrs of age. I’m not complaining, but rather looking at the bigger picture of why our system is so insensitive, while in western world one word to the police officer and they keep the woman/child in the most secure zone ever with all sensitivities. I’m bringing this up with you because I believe you’re good enough to take it up further at your level.

  8. Painful……..but we won't loose hope, definitely with time society will change…… Dear mens it really hurts when you beat anyone……!

  9. So disheartening , Painful to see Agony of Women. These must be addressed if We as a human wants to grow further …

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