FRP Explains: Free Vaccines – SC, Centre & States

In Prime Minister’s address to the nation it was announced that vaccine will be free for all adults across the country. Central govt. will procure 75% of the total …


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  1. Yes the states do appreciate when there is good decision but it doesn’t mean that they r not supposed to cry if there is lack of proper implementation…. it’s natural…

  2. 2nd wave became detrimental due to centre's poor management and ignorance.MODI waited the bengal election to end then he realised things has gone out of control . FRP is biased towards BJP so as to get as much subscriber he can get from bhakts.
    He is becoming the NAVIKA kumar of times now. FRP directly never criticize modi as he fears ED,CBI. In every video he tries to justify each move taken by the government to be true

  3. Its funny how people r assuming centre succumbed to oppositions pressure despite knowing well they stood firm on 370, CAA, farm bill when opposition was screaming/vandalizing streets. How desperate r people to discredit Centre at every movement!

  4. Whenever BJP leaders say, it's historic move by Modi, I feel scared as we have seen how his master strokes turned out to be catastrophic for the people.

  5. Sir, predicted the States problem complaining of the vaccine shortage. This routine of the States have become so usual that it is expected of them to come with the story…!!

  6. Whatever the impact be but if Judiciary is undermining our democracy it's gross bcz they will keep doing this

  7. Government of India doing well but unfortunately opposition is busy in making vaccine a political manoeuvre and try to defame whole process….earlier they far cry for decentralisation and now centralised policy…….we are unfortunate that we have incompatible opposition.

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