FRP Explains: Where is my VACCINE?

Phase three of India’s inoculation drive has officially started as of May 1, 2021; but only 6 states have launched vaccines for all adults. The other states have said … .


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  1. Thanks sir……The data provided by govt. Of ccovid positive and death are false in my knowing so many people have lost their life but no one was in govt inquiry…..Even when I was corona positive a phone call comes and say I will visit you but it takes 2 days …In my case it was not visit even now …If I don't take private facility then it becomes something hazardous….I suffered too at home also after hospital because of oxygen …I lost my all hope of life fortunately I safed.

    .I want to say people don't believe on govt. Machinery …
    Believe on your self do effort on your own behalf……
    I also appeal to those peaple who treated badly to corona positive people please stop that time they needed more help you react badly…..Please stop..

    If any one don't want to help any body who corna patient dont do that but don't abuse them …..People of society opposing creamating of body in your own property for away from society in that situation the poor and help less people ….???

    Realize that old father s sorrow whose two sons dies in within 3 days in katauli village of karori block Lucknow up….This is one ….Many such a incident taking place…People are dieing…..

  2. It is a chaos now. We were never really numerically ready to open vaccination for 18+. We do not even have proper plan for second dose. Of course, the situation now is horrific still little patience would have saved us from this vaccine shortage. Let's just hope there is no new drama arising out of it. And pray for the situation to get under control. Stay safe! :) Thank you sir for highlighting this issue.

  3. improve thumbnail, keep it simple and easy to see, bcz here is flood and your video may lost in this flood on youtube.
    Thanks for providing quality content.

  4. States try to pull down central when central had the responsibility of vaccine thoughstates know vaccines can't be able to procure so quickly , now central plays well and allowed states to take that responsiblity. No matter who's giving vaccine but how many are manufacturing is matters.

  5. It is a very sorry state of affairs. I really don't get with what's happening. Why are we not keeping things simple? Indeed, India is a country with massive population of 130 Cr population & it will take time to vaccinate everyone. Why can't there be a simple mechanism to convey people –
    1. How many vaccines are produced everyday?
    2. How many vaccines each states are going to get everyday?
    3. we know the population – so we can calculate how long it will take to Vaccinate people. I really don't know what is difficult here? Please anyone!
    It's the misinformation or no information that is creating more panic. Everyone understands that there is a limit to production facilities or vaccine that can be produced in a day. so it will take significant time but people should be told about these thing.
    There is no point in registration if there is vaccine shortage. If we have proper data or numbers we can even think to import vaccines from other countries as well. there is no shame in doing that. Unless we quantify the situation, i really don't understand how are we planning to deal with it.
    I really want to know what am i missing in my thought process? is the situation more complicated than this?

  6. Sir make a video on what is the REAL situation of corona in india…wbat info. gov. Is hiding from us.

  7. Ur channel and this show bharata first is too good for upsc aspirants frank sir…keep brin ging more nd more for upsc aspirants

  8. Govt hospitals provide vaccine at lower cost & even free of cost in some states but private hospitals charge little more amount than of govt one, then what will be the priority of people?
    So vaccines are equally available at both places but there's shortage in govt institutions.

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