GOOGLE FRP ACCOUNT UNLOCKING – Cellular Software Maintenance [Curso]

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This lesson is about a very common problem of blocked devices, by google, and the system has broken. to earn good money doing this procedure. Software Maintenance Course on Cell Phones, This lesson is about resetting the device [ HARD RESET ]

This course is taught by Professor Willian Santos, who has over 10 years of experience in this market. What would smartphones be without apps? The cell phone technical assistance market is in demand for the entire year, and lacks trained professionals, especially in cities in the interior. To start in the profession, there is no need to invest in expensive tools, or renting establishments. Just take an online course and start today at your own home! The use of apps around here is also high. According to information from App Annie, another consultancy specialized in behavior and the digital market, Brazilians spend about three hours a day using applications. On average, 70 to 80 softwares are installed on smartphones, of which only 30 to 40 are actually used. BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE COURSE A small sample of everything you will learn with this Course Module 1 – Basic Procedures and Tips (14 Classes) Module 2 – Downloads (more than 20 downloads) Module 3 – Software and Drivers (8 lessons) Module 4 – Hard Reset (16 lessons) Module 5 – Rom Installation (15 lessons) Module 6 – Google Account (18 lessons) Module 7 – Box Octoplus Pro (19 Lessons) Module 8 – UMT Box & Dongles (10 Lessons) Course with VITAL ACCESS (for life) will the Student have access to all content and news available on the platform RECEBO ANY MATERIAL AT HOME? No, the course is 100% online, you will be able to attend classes on your computer, cell phone, or tablet at the time that you think is most convenient, in the comfort of your home or work, all you need is an internet connection. WHEN DOES THE COURSE BEGIN? Immediately after confirming the payment of your registration. When paying with a Credit Card, you will receive your access data immediately, since the release for purchases on your credit card takes place after we receive confirmation of payment from your operator. When paying with Boleto Bancário it can take up to 3 business days to receive your access data as this is the time it usually takes to clear the course Basic to Advanced Lessons in Full HD Lessons recorded in technical assistance Certificate of completion of course Support via telegram 1 year of support Marketing tips Customer service tips Tips on how much to charge 1 year of access to our server Unlimited download of firmware and files Mobile recovery programs How to Update Smart TV Box Complete EMMC and JTAG course Learn to remove password unformatted Learn to Fix Android crashes Learn to do Hard Reset Learn to install firmware Learn to Remove Mi Account Xiaomi Learn to unlock Google account Learn to recover Iphone System Learn to recover deleted files Buy and Activate GSM Server Products Technical English for Tags maintenance: Skip course cell phone software maintenance, cell phone software maintenance, cellphone software, cellphone software course, free cellphone maintenance course, cellphone software maintenance cellphone maintenance course, cellphone repair course, cellphone maintenance course, cellphone repair, cellphone repair and maintenance course, maintenance cell phone repair, cell phone maintenance course, online cell phone repair course, free cell phone repair course, cell phone repair course, Cellular Software Maintenance Course [Aula 4]ACCOUNT UNLOCKING GOOGLE FRP Mobile Software Maintenance Course [Aula 4]ACCOUNT UNLOCKING GOOGLE FRP Mobile Software Maintenance Course [Aula 4]GOOGLE FRP ACCOUNT UNLOCK.


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