How To Erase and Reset an M1 or Apple Silicon Mac back to factory default

I show you how to erase and reset a M1 or Apple Silicon Mac back to factory settings in my step-by-step guide. Make sure you create a backup prior to doing this as it will completely delete all files on your Mac. #MacOS #Mac #HowTo

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:14 – Make sure you have a backup
00:26 – Make sure your Mac software is up to date
00:53 – Signing out of iCloud and iMessage
02:53 – Entering Recovery mode on M1 Apple Silicon
04:56 – Reinstalling macOS
06:51 – Outro
07:11 – End

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  1. I officially recommend Codykramer22 on instagram for a great/perfect job he did he's really trusted and legit

  2. I officially recommend Codykramer22 on instagram for a great/perfect job he did he's really trusted and legit

  3. I erased my mac but it didn't prompt me with a password now i can't reinstall big sur. What can I do?

  4. This is the most stupid system ever, and it should just have an option to factory reset, and if you want to scrub the drive. I did a reset of mine and when erased it keeps user info in the bios or what ever it uses.

  5. Thanks for making this video. It's a bit more complex to do this on a MacBook compared to iPad or iPhone.

  6. One problem. My M1 Mini (barebones. No added hardware or software) just doesn’t recognize my Apple ID password. It works on my phone, MacBook, watch and iPad, but I cannot login to my mini. I even tried restoring Big Sur and creating a new Apple ID. It’s starting to piss me off

  7. This is NOT a successful installation on the Mac M1. It will be stuck at the "Create a Computer Account" and will never get through. Can you make another video showing us the real successful installation is? Thank you,

  8. Once I’ve done this, can I then restore from a Time Machine back up from THIS SAME Mac?
    I’m looking for a nuke approach to get back to "the way things were" using time machine. Thanks!

  9. Thank you for this video. Very helpful as I had thought I was to use Command R. One question..will the Mac mini recognize my Logitech MX bluetooth keyboard and mouse when it boots into recover mode? I understand it will work with Magic Mouse and keyboard but I don't use them. Just want to make sure I don't end up not being able to control my Mac mini in recover mode. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer on this.

  10. Thank you great. It’s f*cking incredibly!!! It’s only THE ONE guid which is correct and help)

  11. Hello thank you for saving my computer this tip is amazing! Thank you so much man

  12. Why is it still asking for the old password after the factory reset? Any way to prevent that?

  13. When I press and hold the power button, it doesn’t show loading startup option. How to get it?

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