How to: iOS 14.3 – Dynamic Wallpaper + Remove Shortcuts notification banner!

An improved tutorial showing how to make dynamic wallpaper with iOS 14.3 beta. → SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS:

In this video, we’ve created a better Shortcuts tutorial to create custom dynamic wallpaper in iOS 14.3 beta. This tutorial also shows you a quick and easy way to disable the Shortcuts notification banner. You’ll need to disable the banner notifications each time you reboot.

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  1. HDR YouTube is beautiful! Also thank you for this. I set up two albums – Daytime and Nighttime – and shortcuts that run at sunrise and sunset to pick a random photo from those albums at those times of day. Loving it!!

  2. The wallpaper walk through was super helpful, but for some reason I don’t see the short cuts app as an option where you see it in settings? Even though I get lots of notifications from the app. And I don’t see an option to turn it off anywhere else in settings. Any advice?

  3. Hey! I disabled Shortcuts Notifications, but even so it pops up as a banner when I customise icons via shortcuts app :/ does anyone know why??

  4. I had to turn on screen time, followed the steps by my “see all activity” screen looks nothing like yours and there’s no notifications option anywhere lol…

  5. This does not work for me. Shortcuts doesn’t appear. I’ve had to add a random automation to each shortcut to stop the shortcut. For some reason I have clock listed in my screentime and I never use that app

  6. I tried to shut off notifications. I followed your steps and shortcut does not show up at all. Please advise

  7. I disable allow notifications and it’s still showing them. iOS 14.3 (the one where there’s a bookmark for changed icons). So does it only apply to the charging notification?

  8. That turn off noti dint work to me.

    Even i turn off noti for shortcut, that noti still appear when running the shorrcut

  9. For the people trying to get rid of the drop down banner, I saw an article where you have to run a 'turn zoom off" personal automation for the banner to disappear. Turning off the shortcuts notifications only turn off the drop down banner for the personal automation to execute. This however, was my first time using an automation. My question is for the people who are more experience with automatons. Does running an automation that will happen whenever you open an app significantly increase battery consumption.

  10. I dig your content and you kill it with these videos. If you’re interested in Instagram growth we gotta talk! Got some huge stuff coming out and you seem like the person that I should collaborate with. I subbed to your youtube channel and I hope you can show support back. I’ll be checking you out more often!

  11. Didn’t stop! The stupid notification still pops up even after I followed your directions to turn it off. But I noticed it’s not the automation it’s the actual icon shortcuts that Ive created that won’t stop with the notifications every time I use one

  12. This may be a silly question, but is there a way to make the wallpaper not dynamic? Meaning is there a way when running this automation for the wallpaper to be set so it doesn’t move when the phone moves?

  13. So after barely watching the tutorial 45 minutes of debugging on my phone and a wallpaper fail after a reboot on my iPad I now have a wallpaper automation that works pretty well except for notifications

  14. I cannot remove notification for shortcuts. It doesn’t work for my iPhone. ☹️ there is no option to mange notifications

  15. I love this but wish their was a way to make so it auto changes every minute or something like that.

  16. So I hit show more, and it's showing all of them but no Shortcuts. I have rebooted the phone, made sure it opened and everything. It just isn't there. I have been trying for a few days now. So frustrating. Ideas?

  17. Im on ios 14.3, i only used 1 shortcut and i put it on accessabily touch. But on screen day notification, my shortcut not appear… why?

    That notification kind disturbing…

    Before this on 14.2 when used shortcut, it usually not appear noti, but somrtime it does. But after update 14.3 , keep appear when using it ..

  18. It all works nice but I still get the notification when I open my shortcut apps from the home, so I don't really know what to do with it :/

  19. Shortcuts has been removed by Apple from Screen Time :( F*cking notifications are come back!

  20. Doesn’t work for me. It shows shortcuts but there’s no arrow & you can’t select it to turn off notifications. They must’ve removed the option for the stable build.

  21. When I set wallpaper based on the sunrise and sunset it always turns on the perspective zoom but I don’t want to cause it spoils the quality… what can I do?

  22. Its very sad the most valuable brand have now wallpaper changing and Huawei had ages ago and its very cheap.

  23. my shortcuts app isnt showing up on the screen time notifications bit so i cant disable the notifications

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