how to join the beta team for bitlife! – royalty update for android is here! – code merge update

how to join the beta team for bitlife! – royalty update for android is here! – code merge update

members of the vibeserver shared the beta app with us, join here:

link to first app:

link to bitlife beta version with royalty:

take a gander at vibetype

daily mystery link

how i edit my videos:

bg mus:

if you ever want to donate anything please do so through cashapp(i never ask for anything, some people are too kind. half of the super chat money goes to youtube):
the cashtag is: $melcheko

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disclaimer(in the description):
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  1. if you want to join the beta team the real way which takes longer, click here and request access:

    one thing i forgot to mention in the video:
    android devices vary, so there might be something different. for example, it might say "app not installed" at the end. this likely means that your device can't update your original bitlife app with foreign code. This means you will have to uninstall your original bitlife app and install the new one which has royalty. Obviously you would lose all your progress with challenges, achievements, etc. so keep that in mind.

    also, if you already bought bitizen and/or gmode, i highly suggest you wait for the real update so you can keep it.

  2. Thanks !! Can u show how to get bitizen and god mode for free in beta android team please? <3

  3. can't use the royal thing, lot of ads, I just uninstalled my bitlife with 16 billion net worth, sucks.

  4. Thank you I was tired of running for president and failing and then just running for mayor and school board directors pretending I was royalty this was helpful

  5. DONT DO THIS you will lose all progress, all challenges, all careers, all ribbons, all past life's. Everything. Even if you back it up you only keep your purchases.

  6. Got an error saying the file is too big to copy and my android doesn't support reading saf files without copying any idea why?

  7. INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE: Package com.candywriter.bitlife signatures do not match previously installed version; ignoring!
    This is what I got rip

  8. I can download it but them when I try to open it it doesn't work I'm so confused can anybody help me

  9. I bought the bitcitizen and it didn't transfer over to the download of this. Is there a way to change that or am I just stuck being a non-bitcitizen

  10. I have to delete the actual one which is not good since I got god mode there.
    I can wait to be accepted into the beta testing team hopefully :)

  11. It said nit working? Repair your download i cant install the thing that i need to download on google rip

  12. Hi,thanks for video i dowloaded the file and started the game but my game does'nt have god mode or bitizienship.Thanks for your works

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