HOW TO RESET CHUNKS | The Minecraft Guide – Tutorial Lets Play (Ep. 120)

ITS ALMOST TIME TO UPDATE TO MINECRAFT 1.17! Since this world is an older world we are going to need to do some work to make it so we can actually get …


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  1. Hi, i have a "problem" whit MCA selector.

    I have a server and i download it from my hosing service and import it in my save file like its a singleplayer world. When i get in there everything is normal. But when i load it in MCA it does not show all the builds that have been builded in my world. The terrain is generated tho. But the builds are not visible. Any advice?

  2. 11:18 was that white thing on top of the tree a shulker box ?
    Also I think this thing is really great for those who have a giant save a hug size and want to optimize the size of their save out

  3. Hi! Tysm for this video! I am having a problem when downloading the file. The latest version is the 1.16 Window Installer and it isn't a .jar file, but it is a .exe file. Is that okay? My pc gives me a warning about this file so I just wanted to double check. ty again!

  4. If you cut out the rambling and the fake laughing, you could trim this puppy down to five minutes.

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