iPhone 12 Pro Vs Mi 10 Ultra Antutu, Thermal Throttling, Genshin Impact FPS Lag Test

iPhone 12 Pro Vs Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra thermal throttling test (retest) Just how much does the iPhone 12 Pro thermal throttle after one-hour gaming? And which phone will get the hottest?

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  1. play genshin on the iphone like for 1 month and it’ll be smoother. PLS I PLAY ON IPHONE 7 AND ITS CLOSE TO THE RESULT YOU GOT WITH IP12PRO

  2. I play Genshin Impact on iPhone 12 Pro and i never experience that lag. what kind of iPhone 12 Pro you got ??

  3. Even my ipad air 4 has really bad frame drops, it spikes really hard and worse than android , but it is much smoother when it stabilize at some point, idk how to describe it

  4. Looks like you have shit phone, mine iPhone 12 runs genshin 60fps smooth and is way faster than Mi10 and any other phone, and its for now, think what its gonna be in 2 years

  5. Wait I just got the iphone 12 pro and when I played Genshin Impact, it didn't lag until like an hour. I as playing custom settings with 60 fps and everything else medium. it does heat up a little after an hour.

  6. Atuntuu isent acurate , on Geekbench 5 the iphone is almost twice as fast than a snappdragon 888

  7. You do not use Antutu a non cross platform benchmarking tool to test and compare iOS and Android, like wtf?… wanna go real? Go with cross platform benchmarking tools like 3D Mark or Geekbenck. Antutu themselves say NOT to compare scores between the two platforms they are NOT compatible/comparable. This is just spreading misinformation, like it’s in Antutu’s own website cmon…

  8. The game will select the best settings for each phone when you start the game. The initial Settings are different…

  9. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 and 865+ performs better than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and also A14 Bionic.

  10. wtf…? I'm using an SE2020 and it loads Genshin faster than the 12 Pro even at max settings… :/ Nor does it lag like that or get super hot. It gets warm, sure, but not hot. It only lags a ton when I'm in the snow area and there's a shit ton going on on screen. In utter disbelief that the 12 Pro can't handle this game.

  11. I play Genshin Impact on an iPad Air 3 and it does not seem to lag, although the battery tends to drain fast.

  12. iPhone 12 s20 and mi 11, they all drop fps to 40+ after 10 minute playing.
    Sd 855 , 855+ and 865 doesn’t have this problem.
    My iPad Pro also drop fps after 10 minutes playing.
    The only way to not drop below 40fps is I have to reduce graphics setting to medium/low

  13. how the result could be that defence cross deferent chanales
    some represent the a14 as a monster chip and in other the Snapdragon were superior…….thats confusing
    although i trust your results

  14. Xiaomi not worth money and after time usage its not same performance very bad quality iphone better with everything if u use u will agree

  15. Can you do comparison of loading time on teleporting in genshin impact between ufs 2.1 vs ufs 3 series vs nvme on iPhone's?

  16. All those comparing this to Exynos 990 are delusional. That was actually the worst processor. The a14 runs fine mostly as I run genshin on medium mixed with high settings and it works like a charm

  17. Very interesting. If this is the case, I wonder how androids with the SD888 chips will compare performance and thermal throttling wise to the A14. Considering that both are 5nm.

    The SD865+ is only 7nm, so the fact that it’s cooler than the iPhones 5nm chip is incredible. Imagine the difference in temperature between SD888 and A14

  18. i think the mobile deviece that only ipadpro can play this game for the long time.the iphone12 and huawei mate40 will burn after 30min

  19. I played the game on realme 6pro…strangely, i played in lowest graphic, but still laggy sometime. But when i change to medium graphic while playing, it works smoothly. But once i restart the game, it will be laggy again….

  20. A14 is fk strong, but Apple placed it in a tiny box with shitty cooling system. The new iPad with A14 is stronger than iPhone 12 series because of not having thermal issue.

  21. Glad I didn't get any of the iPhone 12 series and bought A13 lol

    Edit: Been entirely using the SE to play Genshin Impact and no lag or stutters, but iPhone 12 stutters lol what a joke

  22. I am actually growing more and more skeptical about Android Antutu result. It's mind blowing given that Android wins over 100K points yet it loads significantly slower than Apple's 571K score. Notice how it's 100K better, yet it's seconds behind, not split second, but a whole 5 to 6 secs behind perhaps.

    After looking at the result, apparently android performs much better which is a thank God moment. I personally wouldn't mind having to wait 10 to even 15 secs later if I can have a better experience versus super fast loading but barely playable. Still though, it's interesting that it loads much slower.

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