Learn How to Set Up Wi-Fi & Mobile Hotspot on Your Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro | AT&T Wireless

Learn how to set up a personal hotspot and share the data connection on the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro.

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Learn How to Set Up Wi-Fi & Mobile Hotspot on Your Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro | AT&T Wireless

Wi-Fi & Mobile Hotspot:
Turn Wi-Fi On & Off.
From the Home Screen,
swipe down from the
Notification bar,
select-and-hold the Wi-Fi icon,
select the Wi-Fi switch
to turn Wi-Fi on or off.
To optimize battery life,
turn Wi-Fi off when not in use.
Connect to a Wi-Fi Network.
From the Wi-Fi screen,
select the desired network.
If necessary, enter the network
password, select “Connect”.
To connect to a hidden
or un-broadcasted Wi-Fi network,
scroll to and select
“Add network”.
You will need to enter
the Network SSID,
Security Type and Password
if necessary to continue.
Select “Save”.
When the device is connected
to a Wi-Fi network,
the Wi-Fi Active icon will
display in the Notification bar.
Data transmitted
over a Wi-Fi network
does not count towards
your AT&T data plan
and will not be billed.
To forget a network,
select the Settings icon next
to the desired network,
then select “Forget”.
To access Wi-Fi settings,
select the Menu icon,
then select “Advanced”.
Edit settings as desired.
Create a Mobile Hotspot.
Use your AT&T device
as a mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot
to share your data connection
with Wi-Fi-capable devices,
such as smartphones, tablets,
netbooks, MP3 players, and more;
requires eligible
data plan or MobileShare.
From the Home Screen, swipe-down
from the Notification bar,
then select the Settings icon.
Select “Connections”.
Select “Mobile Hotspot
and Tethering”.
Select the Mobile Hotspot
switch to turn it on.
To change your
Mobile Hotspot settings,
such as the Network Name,
Password or Security,
select “Mobile Hotspot”.
Select the Menu icon,
then select
“Configure Mobile Hotspot”.
Adjust as desired,
then select “Save”.
Within Mobile Hotspot,
connected devices will be listed
under Connected devices.
To turn off Mobile Hotspot,
select the
Mobile Hotspot switch.
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