OnePlus 9 Pro: 5 best and 5 worst things

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  1. One bit of misinformation: you don't have to buy a wall adapter to do wireless charging. The wall adapter that comes with the phone is used with the wireless charging base.

  2. Two things that I desperately miss in smartphones:
    1. Fingerprint scanner on the back (still faster, less "risky", and more ergonomical than today's solution)
    2. Headphone jack!

  3. Got to admit going from the Xiaomi mi 10t pro to the OnePlus 9 Pro I don't see much of a difference apart from better cameras on the OnePlus also the OnePlus is alot lighter the mi 10t pro but the battery on the Xiaomi is crazy good maybe that's why I think the battery on my OnePlus 9 Pro is very mediocre at best but the warp charge is insane so more than makes up for it. Just goes to show that mid range phones are catching up fast to the so called flagships

  4. So what Mario game is being played? Because the only Mario game I know on mobile is Super Mario Run, and it doesn't look like he's playing that..

  5. One Plus laid the smackdown on Apple and Samsung YEARS ago,and there's a TON of FACTS to back that up.I paid $780 dollars for my Samsung Note 3,with a IR Blaster,removable battery,Headphone jack,charger,cable,,and it STILL works.This is my third One Plus phone,and they have KILLED Samsung/Apple with value per dollar.OP was smashing Samsung with refresh rates,years before Samsung even caught up,and the battery charging alone,tossed them in the grave.Next,i dont really care about camera phones but mine is fine,and I have a full frame professional camera,so all those opinions are subjective,and about a camera on devices that fit in our pockets.Now,even if OP 9pro is $1000,you do get a damn charger,and the Samsung batteries are not that much better,if at all. It kills me when anyone makes claims but doesnt learn a device and how to make it work for them,before judging it.Next,I dont know what kind of math some people learned,but to pay $1200-1400+ for a Samsung phone with LESS vital features,than it's $780 Note 3 equivalent,and get NO charger,is not exactly mathematically sound.If anything,flagship Samsungs should have ALL of the features from before PLUS MORE AND a damn charger in the box.One Plus,you know if you gave us IR Blaster and headphones jack,removeable batteries,you would be undisputed…

  6. Mi 11 Ultra is the phone of the year. If i didnt have my lovely Lg V60 id be getting that phone then or the s21 ultra. One plus 9 pro is right there… 525 ppi i think for the screen? And they started the higher refresh screen. Still a good option but Mi 11 ultra boyz

  7. Got my oneplus 9 pro and boy oh boy this thing is a beast… the money I spent on it is totally worth it in my eyes…. very satisfied.

  8. 6:07 ? Why don't you use the one included in the box? Like why should I buy a 2nd one when Ican easily unplug the phone and plug the wireless stand in? I took the preorder and got the wireless stand with a Oneplus cable and just 1 Wall adapter. And this is more than enough!

  9. was literally about to purchase this read the review and watched a few videos… no Sd card slot so out of the cart it went

  10. so if you buy the wireless charger, you wont even be able to use it ?
    you seriousle have to buy the cable seperately ???

  11. I saw reviews in amazon for one plus 9 pro it is 3/5….worst review's from the pple for one plus 9 pro 12gb variant…is it true??? 8gb and 12 gb varies by performance please reply

  12. Well, you get a 65-watt wall adapter and a cable in the box. you do not have to buy them separately.

  13. Oneplus is classy in user interface like iPhone. It will takes years to develop. But samsung is boring and inconsistent

  14. OP9P is only missing … 4.5 things
    1. A bigger battery
    2. Gorilla Glass Victus
    3. Better front facing camera
    4. 1500 nits display
    4.5. Fingerprint scanner needs to be placed slightly higher, like on 8 Pro

  15. Thank you for this review, it was really helpful – made be leave out OnePlus (again) in my consideration for a new phone to buy. Had the first they made, stood without battery within half an hour, and it seems that it isn't fixed yet after all these years…yeah, you better need a fast charging :-/

  16. I think that oneplus has a 3 years os updates if someone knows for sure please let me know because I am looking forward to buy oneplus phones in the future

  17. Still using the my op 7 pro, upgraded to 8 pro for a couple of months, then went back to 7 pro. For me it is the most complete android phone

  18. 0:40 – IP68?! I haven't heard anything about that spec and can't find it on the official website. Where is that coming from?

  19. I have the Oneplus 5 and it still running very well !!
    The Oneplus 9 (and 9 pro) have generic cheap design, even the Oneplus 7 pro from two years ago looks more premium.
    For those who own Oneplus phones, you know that they have become very bad at handling updates. The Oneplus 5 was left with a buggy build, the Oneplus 7 series just got Android 11 few days ago, the Oneplus 6 series have yet to get the Android 11.
    The camera hype was too much, they have a long way to go.
    I still got no reason to upgrade to another Oneplus device. I will keep mine for another year, maybe i will give them a chance but I'm considering the Pixel or iphones as well

  20. for me the battery life is very important so I'll skip it, unfortunately, I really like their software

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