OnePlus Nord Android 11 Update- New Features

OnePlus Nord has finally got Android 11 update and here is a quick video on the new features. Download Android 11 for OnePlus Nord India- Europe- … .


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  1. How much storage does the Nord takes after android 11 and oxygen os 11 update???
    I'm looking for buying one

  2. Вай мама Джан вот какая доля воровская. Послушайте этот видос на скорости 2х. Угараю от азиатиков

  3. Bro 12 gb ram 256 storage OnePlus nord phone nenu 1 week back 2970 mb update vachhimdi bro kaani nenu 2000 updated chesi pause chesanu data lekapoty kaani malli update cheddamani akkada choosty update ledu bro am cheyyali for ur reply

  4. Bro my phone is 12gb ram 256 gb storage OnePlus nord phone but recently I received an update size of 2970 mb and iam update 2000 mb and pause downloading update because of no data ..but after 1 hour updated is not there ..waht iam do bro pls reply

  5. till now I didn't get any update…will it come after some days or I should do manually…?

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