Pixel vs Pixel : Car Crash Detection

Pixel the phone, made by Google, automatically calls emergency responders if it senses that you might have been in a car accident.¹

Pixel the dog doesn’t have opposable thumbs.

Learn more about Pixel the phone at the Google Store:

While Pixel the dog may not be super high tech, dogs are still great to have around for a snuggle. So, check out all the cute pups available for adoption from our friends at Best Friends Animal Society² :


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¹ Not available in all languages or countries. Car crash detection may not detect all accidents. High-impact activities may trigger calls to emergency services. This feature is dependent upon network connectivity and other factors and may not be reliable for emergency communications or available in all areas. For country and language availability and more information see
² Best Friends Animal Society is only available in the US. .


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  1. Before you buy, consider their customer support. I Sent my pixel 4xl in for warrenty work. The adheaive they used for back panels on those things didnt work well. They said the work was covered ynder warrenty so i sent it in. They then charged my credit card 159 dollars. Ive tried to get my money back for 2 months and all I get from them is that they will fix the problem and then they never do. I wouldnt buy another product from these people again. They have 0 integrity. Theyre liars, con artists, and have moved so far away from their model of "do no evil" that their current company is unrecognizable from what they once were.

  2. Make Pixel 6 series in aero grade aluminium with Snapdragon 888 or your arm but don't forget dual front firing dts x and Dolby enabled stereo speakers combined with beautiful high refresh oled and huge battery and a great planning of India Lauch date.

  3. Dogs can detect earthquakes and some natural calamities before any weather alert or earthquake department can do. 'Pixel the phone' is far away from that!
    Edit: However in smartphone field, 'Pixel the phone' holds significance.

  4. Does CCD work if you're a cyclist and you have an accident – or is it just optimized to work in cars?

  5. Can I know how this works? You have 2 insanely cool features that use the accelerometer (I think) earthquake detection and crash detection, how won't these two randomly go off?

  6. I just want the wallpaper. Hope it's a release with the phones tomorrow. Oh and any new features for all Pixels tomorrow? I love me some features.

  7. Launch pixel 4a 5g in India and make pixel (doggo) the do the ad where it's an MiB agent or something lol
    BTW next time introduce a cat too

  8. Hey guy i love your stuff but you should really consider not posting all of a sudden 7 videos a day it stacks up in my subscriptions page and youtube has a funtion to choose when a video goes online, please use it to publish for example one little ad spot a day. By using it you will avoid loosing subscribers and won't annoy fans.

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