WhatsApp: How to Set Custom Wallpaper for Chats on Android and iPhone

A new software update for WhatsApp now lets you set custom wallpapers for each of your chats. That’s not all, there’s also an updated stock wallpaper gallery as well. In this video, we show you how to set custom wallpapers for chats in WhatsApp.

0:00 Introduction
0:35 WhatApp: Set a custom wallpaper on iPhone
1:47 WhatApp: Set a custom wallpaper on Android

WhatsApp: How to Set Custom Wallpaper for Chats on Android, iPhone:

Anchor: Aman Rashid (
Video Editor: Pankaj Rawat (

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  1. I had already set but the contact unable to see wallpaper only I am able to see. Please help

  2. Oh thank you so much .I wanted to use this feature as soon as possible and your video helpes

  3. I have Samsung Galaxy A10 and this thing isn't working! my sister have Samsung Galaxy J5 and this thing is working!why in my phone costum wallpapers aren't working??

  4. I updated my Whatsapp just now. I have a android phone. The wallpaper is applying to all chats. Plzz suggest something.

  5. Strangely this per chat wallpaper feature was available on Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile even in 2015-2016.

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